Hardware Support On-Site

HP Technology Services has announced it is introducing a new on-site delivery model for its low end hardware support services.  The company will no longer subcontract such on-site support services and will now be performed by HP directly.

This is part of a global HP initiative e to improve customer service delivery through in- sourcing of such services as well as driving a more cost-effective business model.

“HP will now own the whole customer experience end-to-end, which will  significantly improve the services they are receiving because everything will be handled in-house, eliminating the complexities of third party involvement” says Hermien Kuppen, Technology Services Delivery Manager, HP Enterprise Business South Africa.

The company believes that in addition to improved service delivery to its customers, it will also be able to leverage  economies of scale of the entire team to expand the business into new areas.

“We also want to take full control of the management, development and growth of our people who should be able to reap the benefits of being part of an international company in terms of better opportunities to learn and grow. We are confident this will be to the benefit of our customers who will be dealing and serviced by a professional workforce,” says Kuppen.

The first phase of the implementation kicks off on 1November 2010, followed by a transition phase and the final execution is scheduled to take place in February 2011.

This new model only affects HP’s two subcontractors for on-site support services and will have no impact on the HP Authorised Service Delivery (ASP) partners who are certified to provide such services for selected product ranges to their customers.

“We are working very closely with our two subcontractors to ensure a smooth transition whilst making every effort not to disrupt service delivery during the transition period,” she concludes.

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Hardware Support On-Site