T-Systems gets thumbs up from SAP

T-Systems has been awarded three respective certifications for its development of implementation and project templates on the SAP solution platform, as part of its longstanding relationship with SAP in South Africa and commitment to the channel.

The template certifications encompass the SAP All-In-One HR, Baseline and Healthcare solutions and provide T-Systems clients with the assurance that their projects are based on 35 years of industry excellence and best practices while also improving implementation turnaround times and related costs.

The SAP templates are in essence pre-built and designed solutions that enable T-Systems to provide fixed project costs and delivery times. The templates provide a solution that is: predictable; affordable; and supported.

Len De Goede, Vice President of Systems Integration at T-Systems in South Africa says: “The certification is regarded as a ‘stamp of quality’; providing the guarantee that the solution is ‘fit to purpose’ and will be supported by SAP.  We believe this is a major benefit as our clients can be rest assured that there are no hidden costs, as the solution is based on industry best-practices.”

“The templates also greatly decrease the time it takes to implement a solution, which traditionally can take up to a year. The SAP Healthcare All-In-One solution offers hospitals and clinics implementation time of between two and four months which is a significant improvement and crucial to any provider of critical 24X7 services.

The SAP All-In-One Healthcare template is among others based on the award-winning implementation by T-Systems at the Ethekwini Hospital & Heart Centre (EHHC).  The EHHC was awarded the 2008 Excellence Award from the Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA). The hospital won the Medical Technology category which recognised the groundbreaking technology employed at the hospital.

At the ceremony, the previous Minister of Health, Barbara Hogan presented the award to EHHC chairman, Dr Diliza Mji for ‘raising the bar in establishing world-class medical services with their state-of-the-art digital hospital system. This system integrates all the hospital’s IT systems making it easier to record and monitor patients’ progress.

“Our templates are also aligned with legislation which again mitigates a lot of the guesswork and enables both T-Systems and the client to move ahead while knowing all requirements relevant to their industry have been met. The templates obviously evolve as new criteria, regulations and legislation are introduced,” says De Goede.

The SAP HR template from T-Systems, for example, incorporates IRP5, payroll requirements while the Baseline offering includes total back office, procurement and finance solutions, again based on experience, customer successes and benchmarked installations.

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T-Systems gets thumbs up from SAP