Debt collection boosted

MBD Credit Solutions, an independent firm that specialises in credit management solutions, has boosted the efficiency of its debt collection process by choosing the Nashua Mobile SMS Gateway as its SMS bulk messaging platform.

The company sends out significant volumes of messages each month without any hiccups. Importantly, this gateway has enough capacity to deliver thousands of messages a second in real-time. In addition, the SMS Gateway provides a set of flexible reporting options and customisable views and permissions.

MBDCS managed to easily integrate the SMS Gateway with its own back-end systems and send out automated SMS messages to its debtors. The solution is used to communicate a range of time-sensitive information to debtors, including reminders, alerts and statements.

MBDCS focuses on the collection of current, arrears and distressed debt. The company prides itself on the innovative use of data, telephony, information technology and human capital to manage the portfolios of large reputable credit providers.

It has long recognised that SMS is an ideal way to communicate with debtors since most South Africans have cellphones. In this regard MBDCS was prompted to look for an SMS bulk messaging service provider that was credible and had the ability to deliver its huge message volumes in real-time.

MBDCS chose Nashua Mobile as its new SMS service provider because the company offered it a robust and cost-effective solution. The Nashua Mobile SMS Gateway is a secure and stable messaging platform that offers instant SMS delivery across all three cellular networks. It has also managed to achieve cost savings, thanks to the tariff fee that Nashua Mobile structured for it.

“We are a price-sensitive client, but we are also not willing to compromise on reliability and performance. Nashua Mobile’s messaging solution meets our needs for a reliable messaging system that allows us to reach people in a cost-effective manner,” says Carl de Villiers, Commercial Executive at MBDCS.

“Efficient, cost-effective communication is central to MBDCS’s business. The company needs to reach thousands of people a day to encourage them to enhance their credit status by clearing their outstanding debts,” says Chris Scoble. “This is the exact sort of application we have built our SMS Gateway to serve. For companies such as MBDCS, SMS is a low-cost and reliable way to reach thousands of people with timely alerts and messages.”

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Debt collection boosted