SMS Outlook Plug-In

Consumer ISP @lantic, a subsidiary of Vox Telecom, has launched SMSOnline Outlook Plug-In, a service which will allow customers to send SMSs via their Microsoft Outlook, directly to mobile devices.

“With the SMS Outlook 2007 Plug-In it is as easy to send and receive SMS messages as it is to send and receive email, you don’t even need to install software,” says Jeane van Greunen Head of Products for @lantic.

SMS bundles range from 100 charged at R40, to 5000 at R1375, with a nominal set up fee, depending on the size of the package.

“This product is ideal for the small business owner who wants to be able to keep in contact with customers, co-workers and employees,” says van Greunen.

SMSOnline Plug-In incorporates all of Outlook’s 2007 functionality, including being able to send a single message to multiple recipients using the Outlook address book, scheduling delivery of SMSs at a selected time and date, receiving email messages / calendar appointments and getting delivery reports, which link back to the Outlook sent messages tab.

“Other benefits include being able to forward emails directly to mobile devices in SMS format, and sending SMSs to multiple contacts at the same time.”

To activate the Outlook Plug-In service, a once off fee of R99 is charged.

“In a country where mobile penetration is more than 100%, being able to interact with people via their mobile devices will not only help improve productivity, but all-round business communication,” says van Greunen.

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SMS Outlook Plug-In