SonicWALL Remote Access Solutions in SA

New remote access security solutions enable protected access to information from PCs and wide array of mobile devices

LOOPHOLD Security Distribution, the local distributor of SonicWALL technology, has announced the local availability of two new remote access SSL VPN security solutions. These solutions are designed to help companies of all sizes easily administer and monitor employee access to information behind the firewall.

Says Martin Tassev, MD of LOOPHOLD Security Distribution, “The rise of the mobile workforce has been rapid, and now, being connected whenever, has become a business norm. With the wide range of mobile devices being used by employees, it is common for the IT department to experience a loss of control. SonicWALL’s new remote access solutions allow employees to retain the freedom to choose whatever mobile device they like; while giving IT back the control and security it needs to protect the corporate network. The level of access granted to each user is based on the trustworthiness of the specific mobile device in question.”

The SonicWALL Aventail 10.5 represents a major software upgrade to existing enterprise class solutions, while the SonicWALL SRA 1200 is a new appliance tailored to SMB customers. SonicWALL’s new offerings provide enterprise customers a feature-rich solution and enhanced smart phone support and also bring affordable, powerful features and protection to the SMB market.

SonicWALL’s Aventail 10.5 release brings new enterprise features to the E-Class SRA series of clientless SSL VPN solutions. The solution provides secure access to corporate resources and supports thousands of concurrent users from a single appliance. The SonicWALL Aventail solution ties the unique mobile device ID to a specific user, confirms the user’s identity and verifies the security status of the end-point. Once these security checks have been passed, the SonicWALL Aventail solution grants the appropriate level of access from any web-enabled device, including Internet kiosks, laptops, smart phones, tablet PCs or any other web enabled device.

New features include Active Sync support for the Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Android and Symbian mobile devices and provides secure e-mail, contacts and calendar update synchronisation with the corporate exchange server.

SonicWALL continues to innovate in enterprise SSL VPN solutions, and extends powerful, productive features to its SMB customers. The SRA 1200 provides a new unified policy management interface to simplify how I.T. managers grant access to corporate resources. Additionally, SonicWALL has integrated a powerful, Web Application Firewall (WAF) that incorporates dynamic signature updates to protect against modern, web-based threats. For remote help desk support, I.T. administrators can take advantage of Virtual Assist. This feature of SonicWALL’s SRA 1200 introduces new tools to provide desktop support to remote workers without requiring fat clients or other solutions to be installed. Through the new Virtual Access feature, employees can access unattended workstations at home or remote offices.

Says Tassev, “More workers are now working from home, while on the road, and from partner and customer offices. They are accessing corporate networks through not only their mobile devices, but home PCs, company issued notebooks, and kiosks at tradeshows and conferences. The benefits of this to the organisation are of course considerable, but so are the risks of sensitive data being compromised.”

The solution lies in secure access from remote locations, irrespective of device. Today’s release of SonicWALL Aventail 10.5 and the SRA 1200 reinforces SonicWALL’s commitment to provide companies with dynamic security for the global network and intelligent solutions that protect against evolving threats and adapt as organisations change.

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SonicWALL Remote Access Solutions in SA