IBM Rated Top Services Provider

Forrester Research Predicts IBM Will Maintain Lead through 2020

Forrester Research, Inc. ranked IBM as the top information technology services provider in 2010, noting that IBM is projected to maintain the top position through the year 2020.

“The Coming Upheaval in Tech Services”, published by Forrester Research in July 2010 focused on trends in the technology services market and ranked the top 10 service providers for 2010 by revenue. The report also predicted which firms will rank in the top 10 in 2020, noting that new competitors will emerge as others fade or consolidate.

The dynamics, economics and competitive landscape of information technology services will “dramatically change” over the next three to four years, according to Forrester Research. The restructuring economy, innovation moving toward the edge of the enterprise, redefining of buying and governance dynamics in accounts, and the normalisation of technology provided “as-a-service” were all named as factors that will contribute to industry transformation.

“IBM is uniquely able to address the evolving demands of today’s business,” said Liz Smith, general manager, IBM global offering management and development. “We collaborate across IBM using innovations from our software, hardware, consulting and research teams – to deliver highly integrated, purpose-built solutions, designed to help organisations address their most significant challenges and operate smarter.”

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IBM Rated Top Services Provider