Take on the world of online shopping with mimoney and Wantitall

If you want it all, and you want it now, www.mimoney.co.za is your port of call. mimoney has teamed up with www.wantitall.co.za, a South African online store that can get you anything you can imagine, from anywhere on the planet. Wantitall joins a steadily growing list of mimoney partners including Ster Kinekor, Mr. DELIVERY, www.kalahari.net, www.ewine.co.za, www.edreams.co.za, www.healthspas.co.za, www.netflorist.co.za and more….

www.wantitall.co.za is like a virtual Dubai – when you go there to shop, you’ll never leave empty-handed. We all know that the coolest stuff in the world comes from the United States and how about those exotic treasures like genuine Samurai swords from Japan? Think of any random commodity and you’ll find it on this site – there’s also books, movies, music, video games, electronics, computer hardware and software, musical instruments, jewellery, clothing, health and beauty products, toys, baby products – the list goes on and on.

“Online shopping is becoming a way of life for more and more people and our aim is to make every conceivable product available on the Internet – that’s why we see Wantitall as an ideal business partner,” said John Campbell, business manager at mimoney. “Underlying this is our mandate to make online shopping possible for anyone who is unbanked or doesn’t want to use a credit card online.”

mimoney, powered by Standard Bank, offers you a way to shop online without the need for a credit card. Customers don’t even need a bank account to use mimoney. Your mobile phone becomes your virtual wallet – very handy since no one ever goes anywhere without it, and very safe as unlike credit cards, mimoney can’t be stolen even if your mobile phone grows legs.

“For us at Wantitall, our mandate is ‘I want it all and I want it right now’.  We believe in providing flexible payment mechanisms that makes it as easy as possible for our customers to order and purchase.  mimoney is a tried and tested product powered by Standard Bank and that makes it a welcome partner to Wantitall.  The fact that it is mobile based, makes it doubly cool,” said Justin Drennan, who heads up Wantiall.

There are absolutely no transaction fees for customers when it comes to spending mimoney. The currency can be bought at Ster Kinekor self service terminals or box offices, via EFT, through Standard Bank’s online Autopay facility and on the mimoney website. To pay, just enter your phone number and mimoney voucher code at the checkout point of any online store that carries the mimoney logo.

So, make a list of everything you fancy but haven’t been able to find online and get over to www.wantitall.co.za. To find out more about mimoney and which other online stores accept it, visit www.mimoney.co.za.

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Take on the world of online shopping with mimoney and Wantitall