Vox Amvia launches information privacy consulting

In response to impending privacy legislation, corporate fax leaders Vox Amvia have launched a consulting practice to assist customers with achieving legislative compliance within their fax environments.

Various privacy acts including Basel II and the Protection of Personal Information Bill are creating onerous obligations for companies to ensure their customers’ information remains safe and secure.

According to attorney and information security consultant Mark Heyink, persons or entities responsible for processing personal information that don’t comply with the proposed legislation could face criminal and civil liability once it is enacted. “The lawful processing of personal information of employees and clients is a constitutional duty common to all businesses. The bill addresses the conditions and safeguards that need to be established and maintained by businesses to properly discharge this duty.”

“Companies are taking measures to ensure they meet the requirements of the proposed act within their email and data storage facilities,” said Vox Amvia’s Darlene Moneron, “however, we are finding that with many customers, fax has been forgotten or neglected.”

“This is a major risk,” said Moneron, “as faxes typically contain confidential details such as medical and financial information, and as a result, should be given top priority in any information protection strategy.”

“To assist customers in terms of fax privacy, Vox Amvia has launched a fax consulting service, to high volume fax users. The audit will look at the entire fax environment and highlight potential risk areas. This will be offered free to RightFax customers.”

“The consulting practice has been developed under the guidance of leading legal experts involved in drafting the legislation, as well as best practice methodologies from international markets.”

“We have already had great success in two leading financial and medical companies, who are in the process of implementing the best practice recommendations,” said Moneron. ”We believe that this program will add significant value to any company wishing to achieve fax compliance.”

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Vox Amvia launches information privacy consulting