Business Connexion offers one-stop security with Symantec

With the recent award of Symantec Partner of the Year, Business Connexion has again affirmed its status as a leading provider of security solutions.

Business Connexion’s customers derive many benefits from the company’s long-standing relationship with Symantec, who is a global leader in providing security; storage and systems management solutions to help consumers and organisations secure and manage their information-driven world.

With Business Connexion, organisations have access to a single point of contact for the entire range of Symantec security products and services. They also have access to expert staff who supply, deploy and manage the latest security technology.

“Business Connexion has a highly skilled team dedicated to Symantec solutions,” says Eric McGee, divisional manger for information security at Business Connexion.

“Security today is much more than just a matter of antivirus and firewall products. Within the Symantec range, there are specific solutions for secure storage and backup – online or in-house – server protection, security management of client machines, gateway email security and a variety of hosted services.”

Without expert guidance and consulting, customers can find that managing their security requirements is complex and time consuming.

“Business Connexion is not only a vendor and service provider for Symantec technologies,” says McGee. “We are one of a select few who have been approved by Symantec to support their products and services.

“This has several advantages for our customers. They can benefit in terms of pricing but, more importantly, they have a dedicated, single point of contact to resolve all their security issues. And this is provided by our locally based skilled staff – this negates the need for access to overseas support services.”

The Symantec Partner of the Year award attests to Business Connexion’s reputation as a leading provider of that company’s security solutions. It also asserts Business Connexion’s leading position in terms of market share.

“Security remains a primary concern for businesses of any size,” says McGee. “Among our enterprise customers, we have extensive deployments of Symantec technology in layered security models.

“What is especially noteworthy with the latest Symantec products and services is that they are fully enabled for cloud computing. This means that even smaller companies can take advantage of very advanced products and only to the extent that they require – negating the need to pay for the entire package.

“This also means that smaller companies can get the same benefits as the largest enterprise, without prohibitive cost expenditure.”

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Business Connexion offers one-stop security with Symantec