Gadgets the gift of choice this festive season

Forget about ties, bubble bath or soap on a rope – gadgets and cool tech products can be expected to be at the top of Christmas wish lists this year, according to eBucks, FNB’s hugely popular rewards programme.

“Christmas is a time to spoil your loved ones with that special gift you know they have been waiting for the whole year.  eBucks has consistently found gadgets to be very popular gifts during the festive season, and we suspect the same will apply this year,” says Adrienne Bewsher, Operations Executive at eBucks.

“The wide range of ‘cool tech products’ recently released in South Africa and available through the eBucks shop, will more than likely make an appearance on one of your loved ones ’ Christmas wish lists,” she believes.

According to eBucks, the most popular items this festive season will include:

64GB Apple iPad (WiFi +3G)

The top of the range Apple iPad has 64GB of memory, can connect to the Internet via 3G or WiFi, and with millions of apps to download off the Apple AppStore, there’s so much you can do with this device.  Read eBooks, comics, watch movies in high resolution, check your email, surf the web, play games…if technology and gadgets are your thing, the iPad will blow you away.

Sony PlayStation Move

Motion gaming – that is, using your body as the game controller – is quickly becoming the newest and most exciting way to enjoy your video games, particularly if you’re a family.  With the Sony PlayStation Move, you swop your traditional controller for two smaller paddles that you hold in each hand.  Motion capture technology picks up your hand and arm movements and, combined with accelerometers built into the controllers, you have one of the most accurate and pulse-racing game play experiences of your life – because you become the controller.  Now who said that playing video games wasn’t good for you?

32GB Apple iPod Touch

If music is your life, an iPod is the best companion you can have.  But the iPod isn’t just a music player anymore – there’s so much more to it nowadays.  With two built-in cameras, the iPod Touch allows you to make FaceTime video calls over a WiFi network.  What’s more, with HD video recording capabilities, an HD Retina touch screen display, and the ability to run applications, the iPod Touch is a pocket computer on steroids.

Amazon Kindle 3

Books are cool, but eBooks are cooler.  Imagine having Amazon’s entire book catalogue available for download at really good prices?  Imagine being able to take thousands of books along on holiday with you without the worry of space.  With the new Kindle 3, all of this is possible and so much more.  The Kindle 3 eBook reader is smaller, lighter and better on battery life (up to 1 month) than previous models, with a 50% better screen contrast for easier reading and built-in twitter and Facebook integration.  If you’re a book worm, or you’re planning to give books as gifts this festive season, consider a Kindle 3 instead.  You won’t be sorry.

eBucks is offering its members the opportunity to purchase the above gadgets, through the eBucks shop, at great prices.

“As the rewards programme of choice, eBucks offers real value to our members by truly helping them  stretch their wallets; while at the same time providing the widest range of spend choices and channels. eBucks also help members to give their loved ones great gifts with less of the financial pressure usually associated with this time of year,” concludes Bewsher.

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Gadgets the gift of choice this festive season