Local wireless solution provider CEO doing well in Dakar

Comsol founder and CEO, Iain Stevenson, is holding up well in the middle stages of 2011 Dakar rally.  With a fall and a bruise here and there and fatigue setting in, he still seems in good spirits and focused on the finish line, according to Iain’s brother Hugh, who posts regular updates on Iain’s website.

“It looks like Iain is taking on the Dakar much like he takes on business, with dedication and perseverance” says Darren Morgan, Sales Manager of Comsol Wireless Solutions. Morgan adds “We are extremely proud of his accomplishments thus far and will be supporting him all the way.”

Iain finished stage five in 113th place with a tumble and a damaged GPS system which cost him some time.  This however, is not an issue for Stevenson as his focus is purely on completing the race and not chasing podiums, as mentioned before he started the journey.

Iain is part of the Miles for Smiles campaign in which he hopes to raise awareness and funds for the charity.  “Iain is a very generous person and it is not surprising that he wants to create as much awareness as possible for this cause” says Marketing Coordinator, Elriza Paul.  “We (Comsol) are watching every waypoint, recording every move and supporting him in every dune he conquers.”

Iain also has a following in Argentina/Chile consisting of wife (Hayley), brother (Hugh) and other family members and friends.

You can follow Iain’s progress on www.iain-stevenson.com as well as on Facebook. To support Miles for Smiles, please go to www.milesforsmiles.co.za

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Local wireless solution provider CEO doing well in Dakar