BuzzCity’s Global Mobile Advertising Traffic grows by 93% in 2010

BuzzCity, today releases the results of its Global Mobile Advertising Index for Q4 2010, along with some annual trending figures. The Q4 data, gathered between October and December 2010, reveals a quarter-on-quarter increase in mobile advertising of 12%. Overall 2010 proved to be a positiveyear for BuzzCity with 93% more ads delivered compared to 2009.

In South Africa traffic grew by 26%, with more than 880 million banners were delivered in Q4. South Africa continued four quarters of double digit growth and completed the year with 66% overall growth compared to 2010. Meanwhile Kenya, with 522 million impressions and despite slower growth of 3% in the fourth quarter, saw six months of triple digit growth. Compared to 2010, the Kenyan audience on the mobile Internet grew by 245%. In Nigeria traffic grew by almost 200% in Q4 (364 million).

Internationally 2010 saw a huge growth of the mobile Internet as more users took advantage of cheaper data rates and much-improved handsets. Along with BuzzCity’s ad network growing by over 90% compared to the previous year, advertiser campaigns have also increased. 2500 advertisers ran campaigns and increased their expenditure in several key markets.

An increasing number of campaigns came from the travel and hospitality sectors, consumer and financial products. The banking industry in particular focused their mobile advertising on branding and acquisition campaigns targeted at a younger consumer group.

During the final quarter of 2010 India, Indonesia, United States, South Africa and Kenya continued their dominance as the top five mobile advertising countries. India continued on its growth curve – in Q4 more than four billion ads were delivered to Indian audiences – and for the first time outpaced Indonesia to secure the number one spot. New entrants to the top 20 during this quarter included United Arab Emirates (16th) and Brazil (20th).

The top 20 most active countries in Q4 were:

Dr. KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity, said: “2010 has proved to be a really dynamic year for mobile advertising. Markets which have really stood out during this period are US and South Africa who both saw four consecutive quarters of double-digit growth. And also Kenya, which experienced six months of triple-digit progression. Korea has also made its mark on the top ten – which is incredible as it started off at 62nd place in Q1.”

“2011 has started well and we believe that driving factors for the growth of mobile advertising will be continuing price wars amongst mobile operators in many countries and the increasing use of cheaper and better phones. Furthermore, the improving economic conditions in the US and Western Europe will continue to push forward the uptake of mobile advertising.”

During the final quarter of 2010 there was significant growth in Central and South American markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. The BuzzCity Global Mobile Advertising Index tracks activity across BuzzCity’s network including over 2500 publishers across the globe. The findings represent a measure of advertiserdemand for mobile internet advertising.

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BuzzCity’s Global Mobile Advertising Traffic grows by 93% in 2010