Three new solutions from MTN Business

MTN Business has introduced three new application solutions to its corporate customers, including Field Force Automation, Mobile Surveys, and a Transport and Logistics solution.

These remote applications have been designed to empower mobile workers, enabling ‘business on the go’ without the hassle of paperwork.

“In our continuous efforts to simplify, streamline and improve our customers’ businesses, we are pleased to announce the introduction of these three new application solutions that provide businesses with access to the right information at the right time, regardless of their location,” says Nomalanga Nkosi, GM for Business Marketing at MTN Business.

The Field Force Automation solution is extremely valuable to any business dependent on remote workers who, when closing deals on the spot, need immediate access to information from internal back-end systems.

Mobile Surveys is ideal for businesses and government departments that require accurate remote research and data collection.

With the MTN Business Transport and Logistics solution, companies operating fleets of vehicles can now control their operational expenses and streamline efficiencies without ever having to leave the office.

“MTN’s presence in mobile data and voice allows us to reach customers, irrespective of where they may be based. These mobile applications give us the springboard to empower our customers even further – from the SME who needs to be connected, to the multi-national seeking to strengthen its African footprint.

“There are no longer constraints of having to access important information through back-end systems in the office. This is yet another progressive step in our journey to empower corporate South Africa on our world-class network,” she says.

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Three new solutions from MTN Business