Ferrari Drives Manufacturing Operations with Infor

  1. In 1998 Ferrari adopted ERP Baan IV for its production plant to cover the main production processes for sports cars, racing cars and spare parts.
  2. The system has become a major part of Ferrari’s IT architecture and has been adapted over the years to meet Ferrari’s business requirements and integrate to other systems.
  3. In July 2010, after several months of analysis and evaluation, Ferrari decided to migrate the information system based on Baan IV to the latest Infor ERP LN version. The migration project is expected to be completed during the summer of 2011.
  4. Infor ERP LN is well suited to the organizational model of Ferrari as it provides a good level of flexibility and functionality to meet the needs of the business. The solution is flexible and technologically advanced in order to handle the complexity of the infinite number of customizations that can be required by each customer. ERP LN improves processes and the efficiency of the logistics supply chain at all stages of manufacturing for Ferrari.
  5. Infor ERP LN offers a wide range of features that meet the needs of project-based and discrete manufacturing companies. The solution provides flexible support to the business in all areas, from sales and sourcing to production and implementation of the project. ERP LN provides visibility into the entire business, helping to automate and manage processes, and improving the transparency of the strategic information needed to address business challenges.

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Ferrari Drives Manufacturing Operations with Infor