Research Firm Ovum Recognizes Strength of Cordys Platform

Cordys, a leading provider of software for business process innovation, today announced the release of a Technology Audit on the Cordys Business Operations Platform, by leading independent research firm Ovum.

Ovum finds the Cordys platform to be a strong business operations platform that supports the way business operates, assisting in bringing the business and IT worlds together. Their research shows that Cordys helps its customers to “improve the speed of change, drive maximum value out of existing systems, and apply business process management better and faster.” The report continues, “It is a new way of delivering the agility and flexibility needed to support today’s rapidly changing business environment and the challenges posed by globalisation.”

“Cordys can help organizations extend the life of current applications and heritage systems, making them more responsive and better able to operate in modern environments”, said Michael Thompson, principle analyst at Ovum. “Unlike many other platform and BPM offerings, Cordys is a completely integrated and open platform based on SOA architecture. The platform unifies the world of integration, BPM, and composite application development.“

Ovum notes that Business Process Management (BPM) is too often seen as a standalone technology, when in reality it should be viewed as part of a larger ecosystem. The report advises organizations that understand the inter-relationship between BPM and other technologies should consider Cordys.

The report further highlights the cloud capabilities of the Cordys platform, saying that, “Organizations that want to move from an on-premise model to a cloud-based solution will be well served by the Cordys Business Operations Platform, which will allow integration with other cloud offerings.”

“With our web-based, scalable and reliable platform, we are in a unique position to help IT and business leaders work together on improving business operations,” said Per Jonsson, Chief Executive Officer of Cordys. “This recognition by a leading industry analyst firm, coupled with our strong growth, positions Cordys as the top choice for business process innovation software”.

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Research Firm Ovum Recognizes Strength of Cordys Platform