New Sage ERP Improves Productivity and Visibility to help SMBs Accelerate Business Growth

Softline Accpac, part of Softline and Sage group plc. today announced the availability of Sage ERP Accpac Version 6.0, the latest upgrade to the Sage ERP family, offering businesses greater productivity, enhanced real time visibility to metrics, and the right tools needed to accelerate business growth. As the first step in a new web-deployable ERP framework, Sage ERP Accpac Version 6.0 enables true browser-based access, providing businesses with the interactive collaboration tools required in today’s fast-paced business environment. Sage ERP Accpac Version 6.0 can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud through Sage ERP Accpac Online. Sage ERP Accpac is award-winning business management software that helps small and mid-sized businesses in countries around the world manage their accounting, operations and customer relationships.

“Productivity, business visibility, and tools for growth are the key components to building a successful business in the current economic climate,” says Jeremy Waterman, managing director, Softline Accpac. “Our extensive research with SMBs and the feedback from customers tells us that SMBs’ major concerns revolve around finding new customers and maximising their existing assets to improve efficiency. With Sage ERP Accpac 6.0, businesses are better equipped with the insight needed to meet these strategic goals.”

“Adoption of web applications by businesses is accelerating,” states Waterman. “Mid market companies are changing the way they do business and are increasingly expecting their enterprise applications to support mobile access and web integrations through connected services.”

Version 6.0 elevates Sage ERP Accpac into a new level of ERP with more benefits to keep business processes operating faster and easier, so users can spend less time focusing on daily mundane tasks and more time on planning for future success. Businesses can:

Improve productivity with

  1. Sage ERP Accpac Portal – Recognising SMBs’ increasing need for mobility, the new Sage ERP Accpac 6.0 web portal is built on the Google web toolkit platform, providing the first step towards releasing a full web based Sage ERP Accpac solution as well as mobile access from iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This technology approach will offer the most secure, flexible data management possible. Sage ERP Accpac portal users can find information faster through new role-based, workflow navigation, enabling expert and novice users to manage daily tasks in record time.
  2. Sage ERP Accpac Fiscal Period Management – a top requested feature, users can save time and reduce costs by locking fiscal periods by module for more accurate transaction processing

Enhance business visibility with

  1. Sage ERP Accpac Snapshots – the embedded BI Snapshots allow easy access to at-a-glance operational metrics for faster, better business decisions. The graphical presentation of information helps with quick identification of trends or issues for more proactive business decisions. Users can view key performance indicators (KPIs) with drilldown capabilities to underlying financial reports. User-configurable snapshots include balance sheet, income statement, and aged receivables.
  2. Sage ERP Accpac Inquiry – The highly intuitive interface of Sage ERP Accpac inquiry allows users to easily create personalised on-the-fly query lists in just a few minutes, even without the knowledge of databases or programming. Custom information is within easy reach for non-technical users, which means minimal training and IT support are needed. Quick and easy to sort, filter and export information, it is an alternative to creating expensive customised reports for individual users.

Accelerate growth with

  1. Built-in CRM – SageCRM is included as part of the Sage ERP Accpac solution at no additional charge. With a seamless user experience across CRM and ERP, the new workflow further blurs the line between the front and back office to simplify the quote-to-order workflow and processing.
  2. Built-in Business Intelligence – Along with the new embedded BI Tools, Sage ERP Accpac Intelligence – a new product within the Sage ERP Accpac – empowers users to quickly and easily obtain the information they need for operations and strategic planning from Sage ERP Accpac. Sage Accpac Intelligence lets users effortlessly create reports and analyse data within Microsoft® Excel®.

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New Sage ERP Improves Productivity and Visibility to help SMBs Accelerate Business Growth