Citrix Trade-up to XenDesktop Program announced

The new Trade-up to XenDesktop Program provides XenApp customers with special savings for trading up to the industry standard in desktop virtualisation – Citrix XenDesktop.

“Customers who trade up to XenDesktop keep all of the great functionality they are accustomed to with XenApp but are afforded new, powerful virtual desktop technologies inherent to XenDesktop,” says Magda Hanekom, product manager: Citrix at Workgroup.

“XenApp customers can trade up their licenses now, continue to deliver on-demand applications as they always have and add virtual desktops at their own pace. The Trade-up program is not a limited time offer or promotion; it is a standard upgrade programme that includes options for customers to add desktop virtualisation to XenApp while expanding their desktop virtualisation footprint.”

The program offers customers choice and flexibility with huge cost saving incentives for making a strategic investment in Citrix and Citrix XenDesktop. It includes three permanent upgrade and expansion options:

  1. Trade-up: Customers trade-up a subset of their XenApp licenses to receive one XenDesktop license for each XenApp license, or trade-up all of their XenApp license to receive two XenDesktop licenses for each XenApp license.
  2. Trade-up PLUS: Customers trade-up all of their XenApp licenses and expand to reach more users with XenDesktop.
  3. Trade-up MAX: Customers trade-up all of their XenApp licenses and expand to reach all of their remaining users with XenDesktop.

The Trade-up to XenDesktop Program is available to any XenApp Fundamentals, Advanced, Enterprise or Platinum Edition customer with active or expired Subscription Advantage.

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Citrix Trade-up to XenDesktop Program announced