Infor Helps Cut Time, Costs and Complexity with New Partnership

Infor today announced a global partnership with output and document management provider EFS Technology. The partnership will extend the benefits of Infor ERP LN (and all versions of Baan) through offering Infor customers fully integrated, industry-leading document management capabilities, enhancing productivity and efficiency benefits whilst helping to cut costs and complexity.


  1. Partnership established to enhance document creation and management capabilities available within any version of Infor ERP LN or Baan.
  2. EFS’ AutoFORM output and document management solution boosts organisations’ productivity and reduces any requirement for external IT consultancy services. It does this through enabling documents to be electronically created and customised, printed, e-mailed, uploaded via XML or archived, and made available to customers, suppliers and partners as required.
  3. The solution eliminates dependency on postage, stationery and administration, cutting costs and decreasing the need for manual labour.
  4. Improved customer service is cited as a major benefit as documents can be viewed collaboratively to provide complete visibility of all relevant information pertaining to an order.
  5. EFS’ AutoFORM solution integrates seamlessly with Infor ERP LN to allow business documents to be viewed within LN transaction screens for quick online approval.
  6. The solution can be customised to individual company requirements, enabling flexibility and encouraging user adoption.
  7. Interactive classroom whiteboard company Promethean expects to make savings through taking advantage of the output and document management capabilities provided by EFS as part of its Infor ERP LN solution.

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Infor Helps Cut Time, Costs and Complexity with New Partnership