Dovado delivers LTE-ready residential router

DOVADO, the supplier of mobile broadband routers, today announced that it has software upgraded its product portfolio to support LTE (Long Term Evolution) USB modems, beginning with the Huawei E398 which is already being offered by LTE operators in Europe. This will allow mobile operators to effectively compete with fixed providers by offering a broadband connection capable of delivering speeds significantly above those of most consumer DSL connections. The system also provides extremely low latency, ideal for online gaming and video conferencing.

The upgraded DOVADO 4GR and 3GN router models are currently being trialed by multinational mobile operators for immediate mass deployment. Both models contain four Ethernet LAN ports, a WAN port for DSL fail-over and the latest 802.11n WLAN standard. Mobile broadband connectivity is supplied via USB dongle, allowing subscribers to swap out the modem whenever a new model or speed is made available. The flexibility of this combination means that the modem can also be removed for laptop use when out of the home.

“The emergence of 4G/LTE means that, for the first time ever, mobile operators can rapidly deliver a superior broadband experience at a lower cost than the bulk of fixed broadband alternatives. To suit the consumer needs of sharing these new Internet speeds, we have designed a firmware update which will allow our existing DOVADO 4GR and 3GN router owners to migrate onto the 4G/LTE network,” said Erik Arthur, CEO of DOVADO. “With a rapidly growing base of mobile broadband subscribers in the world, a technology such as 4G/LTE will be boosted tremendously thanks to residential routers, just as DSL experienced nearly a decade ago. Subscribers want an always-on Internet connection which the entire household can benefit from.”

DOVADO currently supplies cellular enabled residential routers to mobile operators such as Hutchison (3) in Denmark and Sweden. The company currently supports 130 different modems including the widest range of 21 & 42Mbps HSPA+ modems which are available from mobile operators worldwide. DOVADO’s coming 5.0 firmware update with support for the Huawei E398 4G/LTE modem will be freely available for download from as of early March, 2011.

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Dovado delivers LTE-ready residential router