Smart WLAN automatically extends mobile broadband to Wi-Fi

Nokia Siemens Networks has launched its Smart WLAN Connectivity Solution that enhances mobile broadband through selectively offloading traffic to Wi-Fi without any break in service. This approach can provide faster data connections, ensuring that mobile network capacity is preserved. Smart WLAN Connectivity removes the need to manually switch a device’s data connection between Wi-Fi and cellular broadband, handling the transition without interrupting service.

“We all know that mobile data traffic is growing at an exponential rate due to the widespread adoption of smart phones, tablets and net books,” said Thorsten Robrecht, head of network systems product management at Nokia Siemens Networks. “All these devices support Wi-Fi so integrating Wi-Fi with mobile networks can reduce the need for additional capacity in the wider mobile network, particularly, in traffic hotspot areas. People can enjoy a superior and seamless service without the hassle of having to choose among different networks and technologies, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Smart WLAN Connectivity Solution allows integration of Wi-Fi and mobile networks, thereby, providing increased overall network capacity, supporting both data and voice services.

The solution also allows operators to use the existing services and functionality supported by its packet core network such as authentication, charging, policy control and traffic management for both mobile and Wi-Fi traffic in a unified way. This helps operators to maintain their position in the information value chain coupled with visibility and control over the people’s experiences regarding use of Wi-Fi.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Smart WLAN Connectivity Solution will be available for commercial use in 1H 2011. Further details of the requirements and capability of the Smart WLAN Connectivity Solution can be seen in the ‘Notes to editors’ at the end of this release.

The new Smart WLAN Connectivity Solution is being launched at Mobile World Congress, 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. Network operators, customers, press and analysts are welcome to see the solution at Nokia Siemens Networks’ Experience Center in Hall 8, C01.

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Smart WLAN automatically extends mobile broadband to Wi-Fi