Alcatel-Lucent brings context-based social engagement to the enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent today announced the general availability of a solution that dynamically monitors, analyses, and engages consumers over social media and traditional channels, providing visibility into customer engagement and community trends.

Delivering on its social media strategy announced in August 2010, the Genesys Social Engagement solution automates the process of monitoring communications from consumers through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The solution analyses the content for sentiment, determines whether it is actionable, and then prioritises it based on customer influence and service level objectives of the company. Based on this analytical approach, the most suitable customer service agent, expert or back-office employee is then engaged.

As social media becomes a more common and impactful customer channel, enterprises benefit from the ability to leverage existing IT and customer service investments to engage in social interactions, using a single platform that delivers continuity across all touch points. This allows consumers to use any channel they desire to reach customer service or other departments such as marketing or corporate communications. The suite includes reporting and analytic applications that allow enterprises to take proactive action to improve customer service and drive social interactions and conversations based on the latest engagement trends.

“To stay competitive as one of the largest contact centre service providers in Chile and Perú, we need to enable our customers to access the new ways consumers now reach them for support, including social media interactions,” said Guillermo Rivera, technology and Development Manager at Entel Call Center. “With Genesys Social Engagement, we will have the tools to move in that direction and so continue giving our customers the best service.”

“The train has left. Organisations must put together a social business strategy that meets their business objectives, matches their organisational culture, and provides the right level of technological support” said Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO at Constellation Research Group. “Not all organisations can and will adopt social business. However, those that succeed will leapfrog their competition with a disruptive technology and business model for 2011 and beyond.”

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Alcatel-Lucent brings context-based social engagement to the enterprise