Securicom puts a local spin on versatile e-mail branding

Securicom, a specialist provider of managed IT security solutions and services, has redeveloped its e-mail branding solution, Securicom e-Branding, using its own-developed technologies.

According to Securicom, “We have reconstructed our e-mail branding solution using our own technologies in order to provide our customers with a premium service.”

Securicom e-Branding is a fully-hosted, web-based service which means companies don’t have to buy or maintain any software. Securicom manages the system upstream at its secure data centre and companies simply subscribe to the service. Small changes are made to the organisation’s e-mail setting and all e-mails are simply rerouted via Securicom’s architecture where e-mail branding is attached before being sent on to recipients.

Subscribing companies have access to a user-friendly online dashboard from where they can brand all outgoing e-mails; create banners and signatures, insert disclaimers, and develop and activate e-mail marketing campaigns. The system prevents manipulation by unauthorised employees to ensure that all outgoing e-mail looks professional and consistent.

Aside from having all the tools for getting the basics of e-mail branding right, Securicom e-branding also features extensive features which allow companies to fully leverage corporate e-mail as an integrated part of the marketing mix. The solution has tools for creating complete e-mail marketing campaigns as well as sophisticated analytical and reporting capabilities for tracking and measuring the results of these campaigns. All campaign and lead generation data is available on the dashboard offering marketers a single, real-time view of the status and progress of their e-mail marketing programmes.

Due to its high level of functionality and flexibility, Securicom e-Branding can be used to support an organisation’s marketing programmes and sales promotions. For instance links can be inserted into outgoing branded messages to direct e-mail recipients to the company website, specific landing pages, promotional pages or any other http pages. Companies can also design and activate multiple campaigns for different departments, products or promotions by segmenting sender and recipient bases.

“Securicom e-Branding is not another e-newsletter technology. With Securicom e-Branding companies can use everyday e-mail as a branding platform, allowing them to turn all outgoing corporate e-mail messages into purposeful points of interaction, and integrate e-mail as a measurable part of the brand strategy. Because branding and marketing information becomes inherent to every single outgoing e-mail message, there is less risk of it becoming lost in the clutter of unsolicited spam and e-mailers flooding inboxes on a daily basis

“Securicom e-branding therefore offers companies a cost-effective and personal channels for engaging with the right people about products, services and promotions that are actually relevant to them,” says Morris.

He concludes saying that while a lot of companies are already engaging in some form of e-mail marketing such as attaching logos, banners and signatures to e-mail communication, these un-coordinated and unmonitored efforts do not maximise the branding power of e-mail.

“E-mail branding is more than just giving e-mail messages a pretty face. When e-mail branding is targeted and coordinated it can be used to enhance the company brand, drive traffic to websites, encourage participation in events, competitions and promotions; promote products and services to the people who want to know about them, and support other sales and marketing programmes.

“Securicom e-Branding enables companies to harness the power of e-mail for brand building in one fuss-free, easy-to-use and cost-effective service.”

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Securicom puts a local spin on versatile e-mail branding