Digital Security vs. Cybercrime Economy

According to Kaspersky Lab, cyber-criminal activity is becoming far more sophisticated in its threats to enterprises, mobile and home Internet users.

Kaspersky Lab co-founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky, believes that the past 10 years have seen some significant and critical IT threats surface.

He goes on to state that the next decade promises to be no different, and that CIOs need to understand the full impact of these threats as the technology market becomes more dynamic.

As the adoption of advancements such as Cloud Computing makes more sense, various expert sources reiterate security and integration as top of the ‘inhibitors to this adoption’ list.

“Although identified by Gartner as a top ten IT strategy for 2011, the reality is that cloud computing technology has not yet reached its full potential. The promise of increased flexibility and scalability provided by the cloud is offset by apprehension around the potential security of a businesses data in the cloud” said Kaspersky.

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Digital Security vs. Cybercrime Economy