CA Southern and CoZero Africa offer customers “green” savings with ecoSoftware

CA ecoSoftware has established a global track record for helping companies like Tesco to achieve energy and carbon footprint governance, monitoring and savings. Now, in partnership with specialist consultants CoZero, CA Southern Africa offers CA ecoGovernance as a targeted solution for achieving sustainability goals and green initiatives in a systematic manner that can produce measurable cost savings.

CoZero boasts an experienced team highly qualified in business, accounting and environmental science, which uniquely positions the company to deploy CA ecoGovernance solutions.

“CoZero is an ideal partner to offer our customers the added value of specialist consulting as customers adopt our ecoSoftware products,” says Steve van der Berg, Cape Town branch manager, CA Southern Africa.

“These products include ecoMeter – which captures real time data and provides a comprehensive picture of energy use and other environmental variables – plus the comprehensive ecoGovernance solution that covers monitoring, reporting and compliance issues for the full range of a company’s energy, water, waste and carbon issues,” notes van der Berg.

ecoGovernance helps assess the environmental performance of an organisation and its suppliers, aligning key sustainability initiatives towards meeting goals, automating objectives and accelerating the drive to sustainability.

There are two key aspects to embarking on green initiatives: real, bottom-line savings can be achieved and it has now – following King III requirements – become a necessity.

“Previously, companies have been reluctant to support green initiatives holistically,” says Wim Steyn, director of CoZero. “The objections have been that it might be an investment without measurable rewards and that it was not, until King III, a compliance requirement.

“The situation today has changed. Companies realise, on the basis of international studies and successful deployments, that real savings can be achieved – especially in power usage – while undertaking green initiatives and being compliant in company reporting.

While CoZero handles the planning and consulting, CA Southern Africa is in charge of software deployment and operational support. CA also offers the ecoGovernance solution in an off premise (SaaS)model.

van der Berg notes that South African companies are now well aware of the need for meaningful reporting of their power usage, carbon footprint and all related green issues. “They also understand that real savings can be made on operational expenses at the same time as establishing a reputation for being responsibly green and complying with modern environmental reporting. CA’s ecoGovernance software now provides the tools to systematically facilitate this process in an automated fashion,” he concludes.

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CA Southern and CoZero Africa offer customers “green” savings with ecoSoftware