MI-FONE connects 1 Million Africans in Three Years

The organization has developed strategic partnerships with respected in country Distributers and GSM Carriers to ensure countrywide distribution and cost efficiencies are passed on to the end consumer. Mi-Fone handsets can be purchased from approved distributers and operator channels in countries such as Senegal, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania and very soon will be expanding further with the opening of Mi-Fone South Africa.

“Our strategy is simple, says Alpesh Patel CEO, We develop affordable, world class mobile devices for the aspiration young African mobile user who requires the latest technology without the price tag normally associated with high-end mobile handsets”

Mi-Fone remains committed to delivering world-class products and services by continuously developing strategic partnerships with key Global Tech giants such as Qualcomm. These strategic partnerships ensure that the growing needs of the mass market African sector are met, packaged in a stylish yet durable mobile device.

Mi-Fone’s commitment, determination and raw passion is proving successful in the time old David versus Goliath battle. ”As the first African Handset Manufacturer, we develop and tailor make communication solutions for Africa, rather than simply being a box mover and trying to hit over ambitious quarterly numbers as is the case with the big brands.

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MI-FONE connects 1 Million Africans in Three Years