CA Southern Africa first with certified solutions for VCE initiative

With the focus on private cloud infrastructure platforms, CA Technologies and CA Southern Africa will release the first two certified VCE solutions in June.

VCE is a global joint venture involving EMC, Cisco, VMware and Intel that aims to provide customers with accelerated deployment and converged infrastructure for cloud-based computing models. Standards-based Vblock Infrastructure Platforms enable customers to select solution components from the full range of VCE offerings and CA Technologies will offer the first certified products to run on and with Vblock platforms.

“We have built a close relationship with the companies involved in the VCE joint venture from the outset,” says Andrea Lodolo, CTO at CA Southern Africa. “As management software specialists, our experience over the last couple of years confirms the need for standard, reliable and secure components that can simplify the deployment of services in cloud computing.

“With the world’s leading players directly involved, VCE becomes the most promising route to achieve cloud solutions that meet exacting and universal standards. This delivers both compatibility and measurable value for customers.”

CA will provide a broad portfolio of VCE-certified solutions, covering essential aspects such as service management, service assurance, virtualisation management, service automation, capacity management and security solutions. All of these will run on Vblock platforms, answering a full range of customer needs in cloud computing.

“Our engagement with VCE means that customers can select CA Technologies Ready items from the VCE product list,” says Lodolo. “We provide a licensed connector for the Vblock platform at no charge to support this. We are presently the only vendor offering this.

“The first two solutions we are launching in June will cover virtual desktop management and SAP migration planning. Further solutions will follow to cover the other critical issues in cloud computing.

“Despite the strong demand for cloud solutions and rapid adoption, customers are facing challenges in migrating existing systems to the new model. Our first VCE-certified solutions directly address the typical needs in this process.”

CA’s involvement with VCE is a strategic alliance that greatly benefits customers adopting private cloud computing.

“There is no question that the cloud offers improved business agility when correctly implemented,” says Lodolo. “Getting overall, genuine business value from these investments means also reducing the risk and lowering the operating costs for cloud solutions.

“VCE makes it easier for customers to deploy cloud services, migrate systems and achieve reliable, successful results that meet international standards. The connectors we provide then allow our leading management solutions to work on VCE’s Vblock platform. This includes CA Service Catalog, CA Process Automation and CA Spectrum Service Assurance.

“The ability to get the full benefits of our management software on the VCE platform is a compelling offering that will support companies looking to achieve reliable and secure cloud solutions.”

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CA Southern Africa first with certified solutions for VCE initiative