Foris Telecom Operates Alvarion® 4G Network in Uganda and Mozambique

Alvarion Ltd today announced that Foris Telecom, a mobile broadband Internet and applications service provider, has launched its 4G network in Mozambique and Kampala, Uganda. The network, operating in the 2.5 GHz frequency range, is the first 4G deployment in Uganda and Mozambique.

“Alvarion’s best-of-breed solution allows us to meet the specific demands of the African market,” said Dov Slook, CEO and Chairman of Foris Telecom. “Given the countries’ struggle to connect to the Maritime cable, Alvarion’s cost-effective solutions enable us to offer our existing and new customers 4G broadband services at very competitive rates.”

The network will provide broadband connectivity to residential and business users as well as local municipalities. This deployment will contribute to the economic growth of the region and help bridge the digital divide.

“We are pleased to join forces with Foris Telecom to provide 4G wireless broadband services in Uganda and Mozambique,” said Eran Gorev, president and CEO of Alvarion. “With more than 70 commercial 4G deployments across Africa, we have strong experience enabling broadband services in the region. We are committed to supporting Foris Telecom in building a future-proof network that will deliver high speed data services to the market.”

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Foris Telecom Operates Alvarion® 4G Network in Uganda and Mozambique