XON’s targets services market with network operations centre

The networking centre will service customers, irrespective of their geographic location, allows for a complete overview of the clients’ technology infrastructure, project and account details and various other aspects of the account, and displays, monitors and supports them through a manned team on a permanent basis.

Anthony Laing, head of service provider networking at XON, says: “This is the culmination of XON’s efforts to pool our resources, hone in on networking skills sets and streamline our services. The XON network operations centre now enables clients both large and small to immediately plug into the networking centre with minimal infrastructure changes, minimal risk, and still drive compliance.”
The centre employs the latest networking tools and best-practice methodologies that are customised by highly skilled professionals with strong technical capabilities to suit clients’ needs.

“With the new centre we are proactively monitoring the network. We are in a position to assist with any aspect of network infrastructure management, maintenance and support. From a cost saving point of view, this set-up is a valuable investment that we make for our clients,” says Laing.

XON’s testing laboratory is open to customers to beta test their new networking environments before they go live, a value-add facility that traditionally would cost companies millions of rand to set up and maintain.

The centre allows XON’s customers to focus on their core business without having to source and employ scarce networking skills, traditionally an area where the local market falls short.

“We have created a world-class testing and network offering for our customers. There is nothing similar in the local market for local service providers, and our strategy has always been to lead the market with innovation and unique services well ahead of local trends,” says Laing. “Typically in organisations there are only one or two support engineers to service their entire environment. This creates support bottlenecks, which results in delayed resolution time, and often mission-critical systems are affected.”

XON’s data centre provides clients with high-performance redundant dual networks, remote administration and proactive management services, as well as assisting in managing its customers’ suppliers, knowing that network support is always available.

“Network managers are assigned to manage the daily operations based on solid service level agreements, which includes 24-hour support and the highest level of physical and digital security,” Laing says.
XON will continue to grow its support team into a hub of specialist networking skills to have a pool of specialised resources for each aspect of the network value chain.

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XON’s targets services market with network operations centre