Betterbond now makes use of Mimecast

BetterBond meets its match in email when it comes to saving time and sparing frustration

Mimecast, a supplier of cloud-based email archiving, continuity and security, today announced that BetterBond will be using the cloud-based Mimecast Unified Email Management solution to manage, archive, secure and ensure the availability of its email system to any web-enabled computer.

Email forms the core of BetterBond’s entire organization as documentation is sent and received via Fax to Email solutions. There is no room for error. “Simply put, Mimecast fitted this brief,” says Warren Perry, BetterBond IT Manager.

“We needed to ensure company email is robust and dependable. Therefore, we explored how to improve archiving, compliance, ediscovery and email security, elements we think are core to the optimum functioning of an email service,” articulates Perry.

Regulatory compliance increasingly involves email communication with industry regulators and government bodies encouraging and mandating rules concerning record management and retention. To easily manage email compliance, BetterBond needed a simple and cost-efficient email archiving & ediscovery solution.

“BetterBond needed an email archiving solution that was more cohesive and holistic in its approach towards regulatory compliance and email archiving.  Not more hardware or resources to manage and monitor the different aspects of the email chain, this is where Mimecast fits in,” says Grant Hodgkinson, Business Development Director for Mimecast South Africa.

Mimecast’s solution requires no investment in hardware, software or other capital expense – it is a single service that integrates with existing IT systems, which can be controlled by the user and can be deployed in a matter of hours. Mimecast is immediately affordable and the cost per user per year is predictable so budgets for email compliance can be accurately allocated.

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Betterbond now makes use of Mimecast