T-Systems a cloud service Leader

The international analyst firm IDC considers T-Systems to hold a leading market position for private cloud services in Europe, after gaining a head start on competitors by moving early into this market.

According to IDC, the German-based ICT service provider is in the lead particularly in private cloud services for enterprises and in bringing cloud services into large outsourcing projects. T-Systems provides a large number of solutions that enable companies to outsource business applications to the cloud and use them on demand.

IDC also stated that T-Systems has strong experience and integration expertise for private cloud services in Europe, based on having offered cloud computing services as its Dynamic Services offering since 2004. More than 500 customers already use these services and some of them have been doing so for as long as seven years. IDC notes that through more than 160 “plugs” (templates), T-Systems can migrate and operate a wide range of applications as a cloud computing service. That includes operations that are based on strict German security regulations and that fulfil comprehensive compliance requirements. While competitors are set to replicate such offerings, T-Systems was a proactive early mover and is currently reaping the rewards.

“Cloud offers are an important component of the Deutsche Telekom strategy,” says Reinhard Clemens, T-Systems CEO and member of the Deutsche Telekom Board of Management. “The Group plans to grow by two billion Euros with T-Systems by 2015. One key driving factor here is the growing demand for current and new cloud offers.”

IDC expects the European market for private clouds and infrastructure as a service in secure environments to experience rapid growth in the next few years. According to IDC, while some service providers held back with offering cloud services in order to protect the outsourcing projects they were involved in at the time, T-Systems used cloud computing as a growth engine.

In its analysis, IDC also emphasized that the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary launched interesting initiatives with cloud solutions for intelligent networks. These include the connected car, online healthcare solutions and smart power grids.

IDC considers T-Systems’ competence when it comes to providing secure IT and network services from one source to be an additional advantage. The company’s comprehensive ICT management services comprise a significant unique selling proposition on the market.

In summary, IDC describes T-Systems as “a provider that enterprises need to consider when moving to cloud, and one that competitors need to watch closely”.

T-Systems in South Africa recently announced its plans to enter the Cloud Computing market with its dynamic service solutions.  With its dynamic IT services, T-Systems will meet the business demands of their customers for scalability, agility and usage based computing.

Says Gert Schoonbee, head of Sales, Major Accounts and Strategy at T-Systems in South Africa, “A key differentiator of our dynamic services is T-Systems’ ability to offer advanced automation, controls and management functionality.”

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T-Systems a cloud service Leader