Tele Atlas Africa Provides Real-Time Traffic Updates

Tele Atlas Africa, a subsidiary of TomTom and a leading provider of digital maps throughout the continent, is now offering its industry partners in South Africa the first available real-time traffic product. This product delivers traffic information as it is happening on the roads.

TeleAtlas Africa collects information from multiple sources and automatically fuse it to generate high quality real-time traffic incident and congestion information. The live traffic information in South Africa is gathered from anonymous TomTom connected GPS devices, anonymous Tracker tracking device feedback and journalistic incident reporting provided by Traffic Net.

“This new real-time traffic offering has an immense impact on businesses and lifestyles of South Africans across all sectors,” says Danny Grobben, General Manager of Tele Atlas Africa. “It also greatly enhances navigation, logistics, transportation planning, and other location-aware applications allowing companies to cut down on costs and drive profit. The partnerships with Tracker and Traffic Net allow Tele Atlas Africa to provide full coverage of real-time traffic on all the main and secondary roads across the entire country of South Africa.”

The real-time traffic product is a step forward in traffic information offering the best coverage and the most up-to-date information available from the most reliable sources. The product is built on a proven technology platform and can be used for dynamic navigation, trip planning and internet display applications and can be easily integrated with our highly accurate digital maps. The traffic feed is updated every minute on the server, resulting in important time and fuel savings for drivers.

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Tele Atlas Africa Provides Real-Time Traffic Updates