Vodacom fashionably red with converse

Vodacom‘s corporate make over has been well publisized in the media. Their inception corporate colour which was blue has now been faded away and heavily replaced with the red colour.

Different colours suggest different things and the connotations for the colour red are: bold, rebellious, love, exciting, daring, passion, radical. Therefore it did not come as a surprise when the CEO of Vodacom, Pieter Uys used the change from blue to red to inspire passion and energy into the organization, stating that it was time that Vodacom “became a younger company.”

Vodacom invited Converse to join in on the celebrations and be part of all this excitement and new beginnings for their corporate make over.

On Friday 27th May 2011, Converse set up an exclusive pop up store at the Vodacom Head Quarters (Vodaworld) in Midrand and sold to Vodacom staff strictly red sneakers to complement their new corporate colour. It was a day of filled with stimulation and staff indulging in a fashionable shopping experience brought to them at the comfort of their own work place.

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Vodacom fashionably red with converse