Mobi Headphonies now available in SA

These speakers were inspired by urban vinyl figures and have already become popular overseas. The speakers feature a stout humanoid shape with an oversized head, but all with a unique character. They have collector’s appeal as each Headphonies speaker was designed by a different artist and is only available for a limited time.

For instance, the Skully Headphonies figure is imprinted with skeletal designs, including cartoon bones on its chest and arms with a cartoon cat skull face. Skully therefore brings a mix of edgy and sweet to collectors wanting to play tunes or just place it on their desks.

Even though the Headphonies are only 3 inches tall and weighs very little, they are extremely powerful. Each Headphonies figure has a round speaker grille on the back of its head, concealing what’s underneath. Using amplified DSP circuitry, the loudspeaker provides clear bass and frequency response which pumps out detailed music, without distortion that usually plagues portable speakers.

“The Mobi Headphonies are so small it can fit comfortably into any handbag and all you need is an MP3 or other mobile device such as an iPod, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Ninteno DS or Sony PSP to play back your music wherever you go. It is the perfect travel companion and the best part is that the internal battery can be charged within one hour providing playback time of up to six hours per charge,” says Gary Tooch from Gammatek.

To save energy, Headphonies automatically power down when not in use. The range of Headphonies characters include; Skully; Stargirls, Sunny, Sumo, Fangs and Howl.
Retail Values

These Headphonies by Gammatek is available at all major retail stores nationwide and retails for approximately R199

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Mobi Headphonies now available in SA