Mobile & e-Marketing made practical at Joburg conference

Including mobile and e-marketing in branding strategies to gain that competitive edge is no longer the monopoly of large corporations with seemingly endless budgets. Marketing basics for both e-marketing and mobile, strategic branding, social media in SA and South Africa’s position in the  digital marketing arena are just some of the topics to be discussed that could help alleviate any medium or small sized company’s concern about joining the digital marketing revolution.

The Mobile & e-marketing Conference to be held on the 13 ad 14 July at the Indaba Hotel, Fourways in Johannesburg will bring strategic digital marketing to professionals who desire to carve out a niche for themselves in their respective industries by getting practical solutions to apparently unsolved problems.

Marketing gurus from organizations such as MobiMedia, Clickmaven, BriteFire, Starfish Mobile, Prezence Digital, Demographica Casson Media, Quirk, MyMOBworld, Prefix, MediaShop, Search Online Consulting, World Wide Worx, Trigger/Isobar, Direct Marketing Association of South Africa will be delivering highly powered presentations to aid in reaching that comparative advantage every marketing manager wants.

Executives involved in marketing, sales, SEO, business and software development, public relations, mobile and online marketing, systems engineering, retail, branding, advertising, digital and web management would gain immensely from attending an event such as this one.

This event will be hosted by Trade Conferences International (TCI), the specialists in financial, IT and mobile corporate events.

To register for this event visit the TCI website or call 011 803 0009 for more information.

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Mobile & e-Marketing made practical at Joburg conference