New Maurifoods Limited now utilising Sage ERP X3

New Maurifoods Limited, an organisation that operates in various countries across the globe has experienced a complete turnaround of its manufacturing, planning and monitoring processes since the implementation of the Sage ERP X3 integrated end to end solution.  Previously utilising a locally developed Unix based application that offered no upgrade path and limited support, NML is now experiencing the benefits of new age technology and the flexibility it can provide.

New Maurifoods Limited has a production capacity of 40,000 metal cans and jars in addition to five tons of poultry meat products daily.  The company produces canned vegetables and grains, tomato puree, fruit juices, jams, jellies and an assortment of preserves as well as a range of canned chicken meals under licence from Royal Bourbon, trading under the Regal brand.  NML’s prepared meats include franks, sausages, luncheon meat and burgers under its respective Regal, Cuisto and Farmstead brands to mention a few.

After years of utilising an outdated system with limited functionality, the group recognised the need for an integrated end to end enterprise resource planning system that could oversee everything from purchasing to finance.  NML’s IT service provider, NES suggested Sage ERP X3 that proved to be a perfect fit for NML’s needs.  “The fully integrated set of modules comprised in the Sage ERP X3 solution provides a rich set of functionalities from finance to distribution, right through to manufacturing.  The system is user-friendly and makes for easy financial reporting through the use of complementary products such as Alchemax,” says Nicholas Lamusse, Managing Director of New Maurifoods Ltd.

Sage ERP X3 is a web-based software platform that integrates everything to make the company more efficient, including analysis and reporting, financial accounting, management control and operational management that encompasses production, purchasing, sales and inventory. Manufacturing operations have so many additional aspects and operations to oversee that an integrated ERP system is imperative.  “The technological solutions offered in Sage ERP X3 is the best suited for New Maurifoods Limited’s needs.  The ability to synchronise a system across a large base of operation is perpetuated in the scalability and functionality of Sage ERP X3,” says Keith Fenner, the Vice President of Sales at Softline AccPac.

The change-over process was done professionally and systematically starting with a snapshot of the current system, aimed at identifying the functional business processes required in Sage ERP X3.  “We developed a prototype solution that was validated by a project team in workshop sessions and was reviewed using SAGE ERP X3 best practice principles.  The projected system solution was formulated and presented to the client using flowcharts for their sign-off and approval.  The system was then completed and supported with comprehensive end-user training and testing prior to the final ‘go-live’ acceptance certificate being signed by the client,” explains Fenner.

The functionality and data availability is nothing short of spectacular, says Nicholas Lamusse of New Maurifoods Ltd.  “The system offers integrated purchasing workflow approval that greatly aids in purchase order generation and tracking.  Our sales figures are available online in addition to our yield calculations being done instantly.  Various dashboards on purchasing and manufacturing provide an overview of daily operations, which is further enhanced by our general ledger being available on a real time basis.  Stock integrity is now a reality and managers are empowered to make informed decisions utilising relative and up-to-date information that is instantly available even from remote locations via the online portal,” explains Lamusse.

“Sage ERP X3 has far exceeded our wildest expectations, providing superior functionality to the entire organisation that will empower informed decision-making and increased productivity,” concludes Lamusse.

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New Maurifoods Limited now utilising Sage ERP X3