EOH acquires TSS Managed Services

EOH, which was recently ranked fourth amongst 200 listed companies in Financial Mail’s Top Companies Survey, says the acquisition is in line with its strategic decision to strengthen its managed services in the public sector.

“Over the past 11 years, TSS Managed Services has built impressive service delivery capabilities within the public sector and will thus add significant value to EOH,” says Asher Bohbot, CEO, EOH.

TSS Managed Services was established in 2000 and has over 620 employees. The company specialises in ICT Infrastructure Managed Services which includes:

  • end user support
  • server management
  • network management
  • storage management
  • security management
  • infrastructure deployment
  • end user training

With its head office in Woodmead, Johannesburg and over 90 points of presence across South Africa, TSS Managed Services is well placed to provide clients with services to manage and maintain their ICT environment.  TSS Managed Services currently manages and supports over 50,000 devices across South Africa.

Bohbot says the acquisition supports EOH’s transformation process and also improves its BEE credentials by increasing black management, black ownership and substantially increasing employment equity to 58%.

Jehan Mackay, Managing Director, TSS Managed Services, says that “EOH will provide the credibility and financial strength needed to compete effectively in the managed service space.  EOH has a brand presence which enables it to attract the best people in the industry. This will accelerate growth and further improve service delivery.”

Mackay says that “the managed service space within the public sector needs another big service provider such as EOH. TSS Managed Services will be able to compete more aggressively as an EOH company.  The contracts within the public sector are significant and EOH’s credibility and prowess will assist in securing these deals.”

TSS Managed Services will remain in Woodmead, with Mackay continuing as its Managing Director. Mackay will also join EOH’s Executive Committee.

Together, EOH has truly become a leading ICT player with over 3100 people, more than 2500 clients, the widest range of ICT services and a significant footprint across the country.

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EOH acquires TSS Managed Services