Mustek approved as a Microsoft Hardware Distribution partner

According to Microsoft’s Lance Thorp: “This is a really fantastic reward for some great work, and revenue that Michelle has driven this past year…thanks Michelle”. Michelle Olivier is Microsoft Product Manager at Mustek.

Mustek already stocks and distributes a number of Microsoft’s premium hardware products, keyboards, mouse devices, desktop sets, and LYNC-ready lifecams and headsets. Mustek will extend the range according to demand.

This distribution agreement will enable Mustek to focus and extend its Microsoft hardware sales and distribution activities in its Reseller channel.

Mustek has an established national distribution and service infrastructure, with offices in all major metropolitan areas in all provinces. Furthermore, Mustek boasts distribution of a substantial stable of premium-branded IT and IT-related products, and is a registered Authorised Service Provider for a number of its premium-branded products.

Michelle Olivier says, “This is a milestone opportunity for Mustek, as the company has been one of Microsoft’s premier software OEMs in South Africa for many years. Microsoft’s credibility is unparalleled in the ICT sector, and these hardware products are an extension of that credibility.”

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Mustek approved as a Microsoft Hardware Distribution partner