DCC introduces Targus Impax Skins

The Targus Impax Skin ranges are designed to store laptops with the dimensions of 13 inches to 16 inches and are made from quality materials. Whether you are on that all important business trip or you are using your laptop for leisure, you are guaranteed your laptop is protected with simplicity and ease no matter the occasion.

Described as ‘compatibility meets functionality,’ the exterior of the Targus Impax Skin laptop covers are made from two layers of neoprene and the interior is lined with soft corduroy.  Not only does the Impax Skin look sleek but the interior was designed to offer your notebook protection.

The Targus Impax Skin is designed with rubber corners that offer the added benefit of protecting your laptop from nicks, scratches or dents.  The rubber is also added to offer protection against the possibility of shock and wear, helping protect that vital information for important meetings or making sure those precious memories to show loved ones are protected.

The Impax Skin comes in the three colours: red, teal and black – providing you with a choice of colours to suit your mood and style. Targus, using state of the art technology have also added the benefit of weather resistance to the Impax Skin which is created by the neoprene cover and the Skin can be closed using the quick and easy reserved zipper.

“This particular range of Targus products have been designed specifically for convenience, individuality and protection,” says Heinrich Pretorius, Targus Product Specialist at DCC. “Simply choose the Targus Impax Skin that suits your personality.  It doesn’t matter if you already have a laptop case as your Impax Skin will provide double protection. The Skin’s main aim is to simply protect your asset whilst providing a personalised ‘look and feel’ for notebook users.”

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DCC introduces Targus Impax Skins