MTN Business provides Europ Assistance SA with SIP Trunking solution

Providing value added assistance services across key industries including emergency and health, Europ Assistance SA have operational agencies and respondents in 208 countries, answering more than 33 million telephone calls and handling 6.5 million assistance cases around the world each year. Says Angela Gahagan, Managing Executive of MTN Business; “Considering such a critical scope of service offerings which essentially affects all South Africans, Europ Assistance SA require a voice communication network that offers 24/7 voice call uptime in a secure environment. MTN Business’s SIP Trunking solution provides Europ Assistance SA with this required connectivity through our fully managed and secure MPLS network.”

Says Leon van Aswegen, Head of ICTS at Europ Assistance SA; “Our business has a large client base who require our services to be fully operational at all times, no matter the circumstances. We simply cannot afford any voice communication downtime, or calls to be of poor quality, as the nature of our business depends on a solid voice communication infrastructure that is reliable and redundant.”

Furthermore Europ Assistance SA requires an email to SMS service, whereby its customers are able to receive crucial communication on their mobile devices at any time of the day. Continues Gahagan; “As part of our customisable solution offering, MTN Business will also supply an SMS gateway for Europ Assistance SA, which will enable the much needed immediate and reliable communication.”

This solution is being implemented at the Europ Assistance SA head office in Constantia Johannesburg, where MTN Business has already executed a microwave solution as the initial phase of this project. This is to provide Europ Assistance SA with a temporary SIP Trunking offering and maintain reliable Internet connectivity, while the primary access fibre circuit for the full service offering is being configured. Once the fibre has been implemented, the full SIP Trunking solution will be operational and the microwave solution will then act as a backup, in the unforeseen and highly unlikely event of the primary access fibre failing. This solution will enable all outgoing calls to be carried over the MTN Business secure VoIP Network, where calls will be routed to their respective designations.

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MTN Business provides Europ Assistance SA with SIP Trunking solution