MTN Business launches two new mobile applications

MTN Business has announced the addition of two tools to its Mobile Application Solutions.  These tools compliment the company’s existing range of applications – specifically designed for organisations looking to empower their mobile workforce and increase collaborative mobile efficiencies.

Mobile Forms

Mobile Forms is a specialised application developed specifically for the mobile worker with the aim of simplifying their business life.  This tool is particularly suited to mobile field researchers as it supports the delivery of  accurate information via an employee’s chosen cell phone to enable them to convey information and data collected ‘in the field’ back to the source in a timely and straightforward manner. The forms application allows instant access to a range of templates while an employee is ‘on the move’ and is built with intelligent validation software, meaning the form actually guides the field workers as to the  sections that are compulsory to complete as well as what information is required for improved workflow integration.  In addition, it provides a set-up that incorporates rich data sources (including GPS and photography in data capturing, without needing to switch applications), all while having the ability to works online and offline allowing the mobile worker more flexibility, as they are often not dependent on cellular tower coverage

“Businesses can now expect a reduction in the risk of data loss, improved data security and workflow integration, managed largely by a sophisticated integrated backend system.  This is accomplished through a secure and central cloud distribution centre which pushes data into one or many backend processes via the most relevant communication mediums such as SMS or e-mail, allowing for increased productivity and high level data efficiency,” says Tebogo Mogapi, Chief Business Sales and Services Officer at MTN South Africa.

Data Management

The Data Management app – a data spend tracker, provides a solution that can be easily implemented across a variety of applications. This application provides businesses with the ability to manage and control data spend, as it identifies any areas that result in data misuse, improve service delivery; or could increase productivity and greater customer satisfaction – giving business owners the power to grow and expand their operations while being able to easily manage typically abused commodities such as bandwidth more efficiently.

“It’s obvious that we are living in an “I work where I am” age, and as the mobile workforce continues to proliferate, what is becoming essentially important is the business owners’ and shareholders’ views towards obtaining a healthy balance between mobile worker efficiency and business control,” adds Mogapi. s

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MTN Business launches two new mobile applications