Symantec exceeds 250 million user and device certificates

The milestone not only points to certificates as a critical foundation for protecting sensitive customer data today, but also for IT, mobile and cloud security solutions in the future.

Certificates enable the strong authentication, email encryption and digital signature applications essential to secure sensitive data against increasingly frequent, targeted, and severe cyber attacks. Managing certificates through Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is critically important, especially on the skyrocketing number of mobile and cloud-based applications and devices worldwide. The global explosion of mobile and cloud deployments – as well as the emergence of nontraditional PKI applications like securing smart grids – are among many reasons that certificate-based PKI is more important than ever.

Unmatched Capability

As one of the largest Certificate Authorities (CAs) and PKI providers in the world, Symantec enables IT security architects to address a wide range of tactical security challenges with scalable, flexible, and reliable enterprise solutions that can meet both current and future needs. Designed for the cloud, Symantec PKI – now in its third generation – is built from the ground up as a secure, scalable, multi-tenant cloud-based service that helps protect customer data and preserve customer trust.

A Legacy of Trust

Symantec has a strong reputation of securing critical Internet infrastructure, with its root certificates ubiquitous among major browsers. Symantec’s many government certifications and approvals prove not only the depth of its expertise, but also its track record of running PKI in the cloud. A broad range of customers includes large enterprises, national governments, device manufacturers such as WiMAX and CableLabs, CI+, and Symantec’s own global affiliate network.

Symantec Managed PKI Service

Traditional certificate-based PKI solutions have historically been complex and costly to use, deploy and operate. To specifically address these challenges, Symantec Managed PKI Service, is a new cloud-based offering that makes protection of sensitive data easier and more cost-effective. The cloud-based approach dramatically lowers the cost and complexity of establishing PKI-based solutions, while new automation capabilities significantly reduce end-user and IT intervention and preserve business continuity. Symantec Managed PKI Service revolutionises the focus of PKI from infrastructure to delivering applications that address customers’ real-world problems.

Symantec PKI and Symantec Managed PKI Service are available now. Existing Symantec PKI customers with a valid maintenance contract are entitled to perform a simple upgrade to Symantec Managed PKI Service at no additional cost.

“Hitting a quarter-billion user and device certificates is a huge milestone that reflects the success we’ve had enabling large commercial and government organisations to improve their security through certificate-based PKI. Symantec Managed PKI Service will only accelerate the adoption of cloud-based certificate solutions to power the next generation of security applications and the organisations that will increasingly rely on them.”  Adam Geller, senior director, User Authentication, Symantec.

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Symantec exceeds 250 million user and device certificates