mobile site launched

With the introduction of its Mobile platform, now extends its services to those Job Seekers who are continuously “on the go”, as well as to those who do not have direct access to the Internet. Access to the web through a mobile device offers convenience and a cost effective means to relevant content, and far exceeds the usage of the internet through personal computers.

There are more SIM subscribers in South Africa than there are people, and in Africa as a whole more people have access to cell phones than they do to clean drinking water. As functionality on mobile devices continues to evolve, users now have the ability to perform many of their daily tasks on their cell phones or mobile tablets that they would ordinarily have performed on their personal computers.

According to statistics by World Wide Worx, there are 6,8 million internet users in South Africa and approximately 6,0 million active mobile internet browsers daily. Statistics show that the fastest adoption of mobile usage is amongst 35 year olds, with 3G specifically being used mostly by well educated, upper income groups, being the ideal target audience for recruiters who are looking to hire up-and-coming leaders.

Gillian Meier, CEO of says: “Mobile has the largest reach of all mediums in South Africa, and as an online job portal we cannot afford to ignore it. For approximately 4 million South Africans, the mobile device is their only connection between their reality and our online world.  We believe that the mobile-social-search tripartite approach is key to penetrating the African market in order to further enable employability amongst those who may not ordinarily have instant access to jobs through PC’s or other more traditional mediums.”

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