HP Experience Store stocked WD products by DCC

The HP Experience Store located in Sandton City shopping mall in Johannesburg enables customers to experience all of the technologies Hewlett Packard (HP) has to offer, is now showcasing the Western Digital (WD) product range alongside HP’s products.

This will enable customers visiting the store to view and purchase the wide range of WD solutions to augment their computing experience with high quality storage and backup devices.

The WD products will be supplied to the HP Experience Store by local distributors Drive Control Corporation (DCC). Says Anamika Budree, Retail Manager at DCC: “This move provides us with the opportunity to further extend the WD reach to the retail market. Partnering with the HP Experience Store is part of our long-term strategy to reach local consumers with WD’s world-leading products and solutions.”

The store will be stocking the entire range of WD consumer products, from small capacity external hard disk drives to internal drives and Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives. The store will also supply specialist WD drives to customers on demand.

“The HP Experience Store has been designed as a destination store for people who not only want to purchase computers and computing equipment, but also for those who want to keep in touch with cutting edge technology. We offer first to market products as well as prototype devices to keep our customers up to date on technology developments,” says Louis Caalsen from the HP Experience Store. “Since WD manufactures internal and external branded HP drives, there was an existing partnership, so it made sense for us to extend our offering to give our customers more choice of top quality storage devices.”

“Storage has become a vital aspect of modern computing. There is so much information being generated on a daily basis that backup has become all important for business continuity. Added to this is the growing need for home consumers to have greater capacity to store personal data such as music, movies and digital photographs. WD offers top quality solutions to meet these demands, and by stocking their products we are catering to the needs of our customers,” he adds.

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HP Experience Store stocked WD products by DCC