Miro IP Convergence Conference a success

IP-CON was a one day event to inform industry delegates about new financial opportunities and creative solutions made possible by the convergence of technologies such as audio, video and the Internet.

Miro decided to host this conference as they felt there is no proper platform to inform the industry and share information on the opportunities for Wireless Networks and the convergence of VoIP and IP Video technologies.   “We want to inspire the industry to take a fresh look at the opportunities and features made possible by the convergence of these technologies.” says Bertus van Jaarsveld, CEO of Miro distribution.

IP-CON also featured and exhibition area with stands by local as well as international manufacturers and service providers.  Most of these exhibits were fully interactive, the client could touch the products, as well as see how the products worked in real-life situations, thanks to the live-demos on these stands.

Miro’s exhibitors were full of praise for the conference:

Nancy Bang from Engenius (Singapore) said: “IP-CON has been a great event and I am impressed by Miro’s teamwork and efficiency in setting up this event and make it a successful one! I had made a promise to Bertus that Engenius will work with Miro again next year!”

The IP-CON conference had three basic themes, Wireless, VoIP and IP Video. Each of these sections delivered the latest industry news, a product overview and highlighted the opportunities made possible by these technologies through case studies on how these technologies can be implemented.

Comments from Andrew Lange, one of the the delegates included:

“This is a quick thank-you and congratulations on an incredible well put-together and managed IP Convergence Conference yesterday. Not only were the speakers interesting and the topics relevant to the IP industry, but your conference was impressive and a huge success for all who attended. I believe those in the industry, who did not attend, have missed out!”

A quote by Bertus van Jaarsveld, CEO of Miro distribution, sums up what Miro wanted to achieve with this conference.

“I believe that Miro achieved what we set out to do, that is to inspire people about the opportunities within the IP Convergence field.”

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Miro IP Convergence Conference a success