HP Simplifies Multivendor Delivery Models

HP Enterprise Services recently announced a new service to help enterprises and governments gain control of multivendor service environments, improving overall IT performance and quality while optimising costs.

Most large enterprises combine services and technologies from multiple providers to deliver services to their end users. These multivendor delivery models challenge IT leadership to ensure efficient workflow, timely problem resolution and adequate service-level performance. The inability to effectively integrate service delivery in these multivendor delivery models can lead to poor IT performance and higher costs.

By improving supplier management and the handoffs between suppliers and internal delivery teams, the new HP Multi-Supplier Integration (MSI) Service helps chief information officers (CIOs) improve overall IT performance and manage multivendor environment complexities while keeping costs in check.

With HP as the single service integration and management layer, clients can focus their efforts on innovation and process improvement. As a single point of contact, the HP MSI Service drives effective supplier collaboration, rapid problem resolution and workflow process improvements. In the event of a service interruption, the MSI Service provides comprehensive diagnostics, accountability and timely restoration of services.

“Clients are embracing hybrid delivery models that increase complexity with traditional and new ‘as a service’ offerings from multiple suppliers,” said Kam Chetty, Enterprise Service Country Manager, HP South Africa. “The HP MSI Service provides the tools, processes and personnel to effectively manage multisupplier delivery and the governance to drive continuous service quality improvement.”

MSI will be delivered through HP’s global IT service delivery system, which is based upon efficiency and optimisation. MSI provides the people, processes, technology and tools required to manage the delivery of IT infrastructure to enterprise clients worldwide.

Instant-On Enterprises employ HP MSI Service to improve service delivery to their end users, which helps improve the speed of responding to business change. In a world of continuous connectivity, the Instant-On Enterprise embeds technology in everything it does to serve customers, employees, partners and citizens with whatever they need, instantly.

The HP Multi-Supplier Integration and Management Service is expected to be available worldwide on Aug. 31. Pricing will vary based on solutions components selected, volumes and contract duration.

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HP Simplifies Multivendor Delivery Models