ATC to use Xiotech storage infrastructure

Altech Technology Concepts (ATC), is the first communication services and business solutions provider in South Africa to install the new storage area network (SAN) based on the Xiotech Hybrid Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) technology. In addition to the roll-out of the technology at its data centre, ATC is selling Xiotech-based SAN services to its customers.

The infrastructure is designed to deliver superior performance in a cost-effective package that is easy to manage and runs with minimal intervention. Xiotech’s ISE technology is an integrated storage architecture that is designed to maximise reliability and performance. In addition to the redundant components built into the architecture, ISE includes preventative technologies like vibration reduction, improved cooling, and heal-in-place technology that minimises failures.

“As the industry moves further into the cloud space, it’s imperative that we have the right infrastructure in place,” says Wayne de Nobrega, CEO of Altech Technology Concepts. “We believe wholeheartedly in this new and powerful storage technology and we are looking forward to introducing ATC customers to its many benefits. It’s an innovation that provides real and quantifiable value.

“We’ve developed a new class of storage that changes the economics for customers’ applications”, said Alan Atkinson, President and CEO of Xiotech. “Our strategic partnership with ATC allows us to deliver a Hybrid ISE solution that provides Solid State Drive (SSD) performance at Hard Disk Drive (HDD) pricing, outperforming storage systems that are up to ten times as expensive” Atkinson added.

“We wanted a solution that offered high speed, high performance and excellent reliability,” continued De Nobrega. “When we tested the system, we put our biggest servers onto the SAN to determine how much pressure it could withstand. The fact is we did not have enough to throw at it. The performance under rigorous conditions is remarkable.”

One of the most important aspects of Xiotech’s Hybrid ISE is its Continuous Adaptive Data Placement (CADP) technology, which automatically moves data to the right tier as needed.

“This is a breakthrough that creates the optimal balance of performance, capacity and price,” adds De Nobrega. “Everyone is talking about using SSDs within networked storage systems, but few solutions have delivered on their promise. Hybrid ISE is the best technology available for this purpose.”

“Hybrid ISE enables customers to implement new applications, achieve greater levels of consolidation, and frees up capital; it represents a market shift that alters the economics of IT, opening the floodgates of new opportunities for our users” concluded Atkinson.

Xiotech won two of the most prestigious awards at Microsoft TechEd, held in Atlanta earlier this year. Its Hybrid ISE won the Best of TechEd “Breakthrough Product” and the “Attendees’ Pick” awards, signalling the value of this new technology.

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ATC to use Xiotech storage infrastructure