MapIT supports Anthony Butler fundraising project

MapIT, a worldwide leader in digital mapping, is a proud supporter of Jumping Kids – a prosthetic fund for disabled children.  In collaboration with Henrich Du Preez from the Radical Group, Paul Bisogno from ‘Jumping Kids’ and the A-Z Golf Challenge, the project aims to raise funds for Anthony Butler, a disabled South African golfer.

‘Jumping Kids’, together with Du Preez, will team up to take part in an epic golf adventure playing the A – Z of golf courses in South Africa. From the 15th to the 25th of August 2011, Du Preez will attempt to play a round of golf on the A to Z golf courses in South Africa. The trip will start at Xamarin Golf Club in Lamberts Bay and finish at the Zwartkops Golf Club in Gauteng.

“On this journey I’ll have to make a few detours to play some of the country’s most exclusive 9 hole courses, and a few 18s too,” says Du Preez. “To fit all the travelling and golf into just 10 days, I will have to play up to four rounds of golf on some days.”

Map IT has provided an interactive web map for the 10 day fundraising project, plotting each golf course along the route. The map will include live tracking in partnership with Tracklocate, and will cover in excess of 6 500km, tracking Du Preez along the way. The team will be driven by ‘JEEP Centurion’ in two sponsored Jeep’s across the country, and assisted on the golf courses by Yamaha SA with a sponsored Yamaha Golf Cart.

‘Jumping Kids’ and its corporate sponsor, AVIS, will accompany the convoy and be present at each golf course venue  – showcasing what the prosthetic fund is all about and what work is being done among disabled youth through its programs.

According to Map IT, there will be three units tracking each of the vehicles, and tracking will happen every 1000m (or 60 seconds). Du Preez in the golf car – indicated by the black car icon – AVIS ‘Jumping Kids car’ indicated by a red icon, will be tracked every 50m or every 30 seconds. This will allow followers to be able to see him moving around the golf courses using the view mode of ‘hybrid’.

Du Preez, a multiple SA golf record holder and ‘power player’ behind the project, recognises the need for able-bodied players to ‘give back’ to those less able. While on this trip with him,  ‘Jumping Kids’ will create a platform from which funds can be raised to provide one of the most technologically-advanced prosthetic solutions in the world to a disabled local golfer.

Twenty-six local golf courses will be played over a period of 10 days across all SA provinces. This is “no mean feat” but with the outcome being from ‘disability to is-ability’, Du Preez and the support team have a clear vision and motivation for what lies ahead.

“We are proud to be part of such an immense challenge, and for a great cause,” says MapIT Managing Director, Etienne Louw.  “We encourage everyone to view the website to support Henrich along the way using our live tracking. Our online map is designed to raise awareness of this fundraising project and to enable supporters to follow Henrich in his quest to raise funds.”

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MapIT supports Anthony Butler fundraising project