ANV Holdings partner with Huawei Symantec, launch cloud storage

Time Manager Platinum is installed in over 2500 sites and integrates to all major payroll systems including VIP. It interfaces to most access control systems which include fingerprint, hand-geometry andfacial recognition technology.

“The software is user-friendly and will accommodate companies from 20 to over 5000 employees,” said David Neaves, a director at ANV Holdings.

The Time Manager Platinum software allows for advance time (shift) calculations and production of timesheet reports that include exception reporting, absenteeism, trend analysis, employee and labour hire costing, management and audit reports.

“We are offering customers an off-site cloud computing backup solution through a secure, encrypted connection for any size company,” he said.

“It will secure mission-critical data and remove the risk of data loss through system failure or theft.”

Huawei Symantec servers and routers are the hardware platform for the solution with connectivity through either ADSL, 3G and HSPDA providing redundant backup.

“Huawei Symantec’s USG router is one of the most secure systems available for ADSL and 3G connectivity,” said Neaves.

“It is a next-generation multi-service gateway that integrates security, routing, switching, wireless access and voice service functions.”

“It is able to ensure network security while providing security functions such as anti-virus, invasion detection and URL filtering.”

“The security software embedded in the hardware includes Huawei Symantec’s UTM+. This combines Symantec’s security engine with a virus signature database giving enhanced threat identification, categorisation and detection capabilities. UTM+ improves on traditional UTM product security,” said Neaves.

“Multi-service gateways specifically address the needs of smaller companies. They enable the delivery of converged multimedia, data and voice streams, and are future proof, with allowances for additional services including hosted applications and content delivery,” said Edmont Rao regional director, Sub-Sahara Region, Huawei Symantec.

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ANV Holdings partner with Huawei Symantec, launch cloud storage