Metalogix StoragePoint reduces customer storage costs

Metalogix Software, a provider of content lifecycle management (CLM) solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, and legacy environments, is with its SharePoint solution, allowing customers to reduced their SharePoint content databases by more than 90 percent, increasing SharePoint performance and scalability while dramatically reducing storage costs.

Metalogix StoragePoint externalises SharePoint content Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) so that they may be stored on less-expensive or more appropriate storage systems. This means SQL clusters can be right-sized for optimal performance and the size of the SharePoint content database can be dramatically reduced while still maintaining critical metadata in the SQL Server.

Says Chris Hathaway, director at Soarsoft and distributor of Metalogix software to the African and South African market, “The rapid growth of data, especially email, is increasingly placing a strain on companies with Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) further adding pressure on organisations to ensure information is retained appropriately.

StoragePoint’s ability to store BLOBS (content such as Word/Excel documents etc) externally from the SQL database on storage platforms is addressing this challenge by dramatically reducing the size of the database thus improving manageability.”

The value of this significant reduction in the SharePoint content database has been seen by hundreds of StoragePoint customers.

“Since going live with SharePoint the demand for it has been huge,” says Gordon Bone, manager, applied technology, Ledcor Industries, Inc., a large North American construction company. “Once we realised how much content we were going to be getting in our SharePoint environment we decided pretty quickly that we needed a solution like StoragePoint to store the BLOBs outside the SQL database. We actually achieved a 91 percent reduction in the size of our content databases using StoragePoint. It has literally worked for us problem free. In fact, it works so smoothly we actually forget that it’s there.”

“When you use SharePoint, you tend to throw a lot of things in the SharePoint database and it gets big very quickly,” says Ken Foster, director, applications development, Cimerex Energy Company, an independent oil and gas exploration and production company. “We grossly exceeded the 100GB capacity maximum Microsoft recommends for the SharePoint content database. StoragePoint makes good sense in not storing things inside the database that don’t need to be stored there. It’s a very simple product to operate and actually worked as advertised.”

“StoragePoint reduced our largest database by over 98 percent as well as alleviated several challenges in our growing environment,” says Mark Wiley, IT manager, Chesapeake Energy, the second largest producer of natural gas in the U.S. “With StoragePoint, we can now leverage our SharePoint investment on a much larger scale.”

“SharePoint is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing content stores in today’s organisations,” said Mandy Sadowski, vice president of marketing, Metalogix. “As a result, enterprises need to be ready to efficiently manage their SharePoint database for optimum performance, scalability, resource usage and cost. StoragePoint delivers immediate value for active users of SharePoint with a return on investment that can be seen instantly.”

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Metalogix StoragePoint reduces customer storage costs