FNB App now available for BlackBerry

Farren Roper Head of Products and Markets at FNB Connect says, “We launched our App with touchscreen BlackBerry smartphones and had an overwhelming response from keypad device customers to make the App available to them as well. We are proud to be in a position where we cover both touchscreen devices as well as keypad devices.”

FNB has also collaborated with Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry solution, to include the FNB App as a free download to FNB customers using BlackBerry smartphones.

BlackBerry smartphone users will not incur a data charge when using any of the value added services or performing banking transactions on the FNB App.
Roper adds “At FNB we are always looking for innovative ways of bringing down our customers data costs. The BlackBerry application is just another way of making access to our proprietary platforms easier and more cost effective for our clients.”

In addition to BlackBerry smartphones, the FNB App is also available to iOS (Apple) and Android users using Motorola, HTC and Samsung to name a few. FNB has indicated that Nokia Symbian is on the way soon.

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FNB App now available for BlackBerry